Dowds Group end 555 Challenge!

At the end of May, 69 of our employees took part in our 555 Challenge to help raise some money for Charity during lock down but also to help keep up the camaraderie that runs throughout our company even though we are working from home.

We are pleased to reveal that our overall total raised was £9000 which was split equally between our four charities:

  • Marie Curie
  • Tiny Life
  • Mid Ulster Agewell
  • Kenya Missionary Work

Unfortunately, we were unable to meet with all our charities, however they have each sent acknowledgement of thanks for our donations.

Each of the four charities that were chosen are closely linked to our own employees and we wanted to help support them the same way they supported either our employees themselves or their families during a time they needed it.

Our Managing Director James had this to say about the 555 Challenge, “It was a brilliant event! A lot of people pushed themselves, possibly even surprising themselves how much they could do. A good bit of healthy competition and just all-round good fun with hopefully a good few habits coming out of it for people to continue.”

We want to give a massive thank you to everyone who donated money towards our challenge, we know from talking firsthand with the charities that they appreciate every single penny!

We are hoping to hold an event similar later in the year after the success of this challenge so keep your eyes peeled!